The History of Schooners Who Fished on the Banks
off Maine and the Canadian Maritime


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At least two of the schooners

that will be joining us for Windjammer Days fished under sail on the shallow fishing banks off Maine and the Canadian Maritimes.  The Boothbay Region Historical Society invites all Windjammer Days visitors to view fishing and navigational gear, as well as personal items of crew members who lived aboard these vessels. Take in photos and displays of the age of fishing under sail and related documents. Get a glimpse into the hard life of those who put to sea to earn their living.

Join us at and receive a warm welcome from those who love to share the history and stories of all things Maritime Maine.  The Boothbay Region Historical Society is located at 72 Oak Street. For more information, call 207-633-0820 or visit

Thank you to our generous sponsor for this event: