Pirates of the Dark Rose

There be pirates about in Boothbay Harbor.  They come by boat aboard the Must Roos, and they wash ashore with cannons, blades, and birds. Yer in fer a treat as they share cannon lessons with willing lads and lasses alike, and even invite you to come aboard the Roos.  It all happens in the center of town in Whale Park by the Public Landing.  So gather yer mates and wander on downtown to Whale Park!

Dates and times will be updated for 2019 as soon as they are available.

Puppet Show

pirates puppet show.jpg

Calling all wee mateys! Hear the story of how this band o' pirates found buried treasure narrated by the pirates themselves and illustrated with scurvy pirate puppets.  The young scallywags are certain to be entertained down in Whale Park!


tours of the must roos

Pirate Ship.jpg

Come aboard a pirate ship. Join the Pirates of the Dark Rose on board the Must Roos and get a first hand look at pirate life on the water! She's docked at Fisherman's Wharf adjacent to the Public Pier and Whale Park.

weapons demonstration

pirates weapsons.jpg

See how pirates of old took their prey.  Using pirates' flags, grappling hooks, pistols, and cutlass, this gripping show-and-tell is surely not to be missed! 



oreo the bird and pirate duels

Oreo likes to be admired and will even pose in a photo for you.  Pirates, however, are a quarrelsome lot, and pirate quarrels are settled by the pirate code with steel on the shore. The dock will ring with the sound of cutlasses and rapiers, and perhaps, boarding axes as differences are decided by which pirate survives the fight down in Whale Park.

british invasion attack on boothbay harbor


Captain Crudbeard and his motley crew are at the helm of the Must Roos pirate ship.  The British Governor has vowed to stop their fun.  Stand back and watch the drama unfold as Captains Randy and Nate navigate the Sarah Mead into the Harbor to help thwart the British attack on our coastal town.  Will lawlessness or virtue prevail?  See for yourself as the battle unfolds in front of the public landing in Whale Park. 

cannon lessons with a pirate shoot out

Join Captain Crudbeard, master gunner through the authentic drill of the Royal Navy of the 1700s.  Go through the drill and even fire the gun!  Happening at the Public Pier in Whale Park. 

Recruit and Training for Pirates!

Boys and girls, lads and lasses, and older gentlemen and ladies, -- who have been thinking of a life of piracy. On Tuesday, it's time to join up with the Pirates of the Dark Rose to keep the British from putting a stop to all the pirate fun when they attack the next day. We take apprentice pirates from six to sixty as long as they will look like a pirate on Wednesday. Pirate Recruit Training will cover:
o The pirate flag, the ”Jolly Rodger”
o Signing of The Pirate Articles which Pirate crews sign to govern       themselves
o Pirate food
o Cutlass Lessons
o Pirate Dentistry (Tooth Worms Removed)
o Pirate Weapons – grappling hooks, axes, and flintlocks
o Intimidation to scare the prey
o Get your pirate gear!

If this sounds like fun for you, join us at the Recruitment Tent on Boothbay House Hill Tuesday, June 26, 2018 from 1:30-3:00 PM, FMI - email windjammerdays@gmail.com   

Pirates of the Dark Rose are brought for your enjoyment by the generous sponsorship of Fisherman's WharfBoothbay Harbor Inn, and TugBoat Inn